Generals zero hour rise to power

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A map pack containing three multiplay maps not set up for skimish play. Glory Obscured has released an update for their mod. I have tryed something new on this map u have no supply points by u'r base u got drop zones there drops money in each corner of the base plus u got 4 supply's in middle plus above the drop zones u got loads of goodes download and play very good map now wi. It is a mod which changed units around, in weird, sometimes retarded ways. This patch fixes the error in Expanded Wars:

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This map has 2 entrances to each base, one is obvious but the other is harder to find, look for the snow path!

Version History From Version 1. It can be used in skirmish and online games.

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The small supply More mods on my page: Features a large city in the center with plenty of buildings to garrison. This map is made for stomping bots.

Here is a mod which adds a new side, 'Assassin'. Skirmish is available sometimes and not at other times. A 4-Player Snow Map.

Zero Hour Reborn V4.0 Rise To Power Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Mods

It features 8 sides: A newer version with less bugs and new content. Your up against a lot of opposition, so it's not gonna zsro an easy task.

Also please ask my permission before taking any of my ideas. As you all should be well aware by now, I've been working on China for these past few days. A 4-Player skirmish map for the zero hour expansion of generals. Very eye appealing and detailed 4-player Temperate map from VoodooBenshee. This is a mod intended primarily so you can play the General's Challenge and the Skirmish versus computer games as a modified Superweapons General.

All Out Industrial features grassy plains with instrual towns in the middle. This is a map pack containing three maps Infantry only - no chinooks. It fenerals fairly symettrical with a blue hue to the snow. Also some small game balances. The third way is going down into the canyon generas cross. He also tells us that, "I was bad a bit. The players base areas are divided by mountains, some nice ramps built in the mountains.

Zero Hour Reborn V Rise To Power Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Mods Free Download

This is a very eye appealing and realistic looking 2-player map from Bhones. A desert map with lots of hills good for motorbikes! This is a 2-player eye appealing Island map from Kod1aX that features realistic active volcanoes.

Features lush green pine forests and a realistic flowing river.

A new map by iggyk. It's for people who don't like being hit by superweapons. This Is one of my first maps inspiried by a friend and well now here it is i have a few other maps better than this but i will get those on the site soon ruse 16 and just started making maps and im getting better but i have one map that is sweet besides.

This map is shown in the background of the main menu when installed. Offers up a tenerals of settings including an island map with a volcano.

The only flaw is the lack of A. Some tech and bunkers on the battlefield available for those bold enough to venture out and take them.

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