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The perfect layout to showcase your skills, the Glimmer features blue tones and your personal profile picture in an easy-to-read format. A very clean, simple and neat template that will satisfy most job seekers, regardless of the role applied for. Check out this article. To give potential recruiters and employers a quick snapshot of your skills, experience, awards, and education, an infographic resume is the way to go. The Button-Down two-page resume template is an update on a classic resume as it includes clean lines and bullet points to highlight your skills and experience.

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If you do offer your mobile phone number, make sure your voicemail is activated in case they call when you cannot answer. This solves the challenge that some applicants face when more traditional hiring managers prefer chronological details on a resume.

Top 10 Best Resume Templates Ever - Free for Microsoft Word

Formal and refined, this combination resume template has a decidedly corporate feel. A fantastic template to use if you have particular accreditations or professional memberships to showcase.

The above can be great ways of demonstrating to employers that you're ready for the role so get involved while you're job hunting. On this page, you'll find of our most popular CV templates in Word format for you to download and use without charge, for your own personal use. Check out References for more information on this section.

A neat, clean and simple template which incorporates some advanced features, including drop caps and featured boxes.

Your name and contact info appear in the header of this template, in a smart green accent colour - easy, of course, to change if you want to. The other reference should be someone professional such as a former tutor or business contact who has worked with you on a project. Need more guidance on what to include in the 'interests' section? A great way to highlight those achievements is to use a fancy text box - in this video, we show you how. The Button-Down is a perfect choice when applying for upper level positions with titles like Manager, Director, Professor, or CEO within established organizations.

Glimmer is perfect when applying for jobs in architecture, engineering, IT, sales, and the sciences. Creating a CV from scratch can be a very time consuming and exhausting process. Soft blue stripes are used as the background for each heading, dividing your information up in a neat and organised way.

18 CV Templates | CV Template Word Downloads + Tips

Put the most emphasis on your transferable skills and competencies as opposed to qualifications or relevant work experience.

These formats, while containing most of the fundamental sections, are sometimes worded different or some sections are presented in different orders. Every time you send out a CV, prune it so that it meets the requirements of the job you're applying for as closely as possible, and ensure your covering letter sets out exactly HOW you meet those requirements, even if it's evident from the CV itself. Blue bands and contrasting headings help this smart, organised CV template stand out from wlrd pile.

10 Best Resume Templates

And hiring managers will appreciate the sections outlined for these purposes. Our Traditional Elegance resume template is an excellent choice when applying to companies with a more conservative ethos. It is here that you can truly tailor your application package vc to the job you desire. The spacing makes this a great choice for those without a lot of work experience.

When personal computing was still fairly new, many people went overboard when designing and formatting their resumes. Coventry Garden, Garamond free Price: A beautiful fresh two column design with an optional profile photo. Put emphasis on your achievements and performance throughout the CV.

Watch our video to see how to add drop caps to your CV.

Check out this article. We hope you found our collection of CV templates useful. We also provide a suitable example CV template that you can download for free.

The layout of this sample resume puts an emphasis on your introduction and skills at the top of the page, making it easy for tempoate managers to determine if your primary skills and your background are a fit for their needs. The entries in this format should be in chronological order most recent jobs, education or training first and you should use your past achievements and performance to tell the hiring manager: Ensure anything on this list is specific and highly relevant to the job.

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