Faa airport facility directory

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Data online is updated every business day, and the online directory offers links to AOPA's Internet Flight Planner and free downloadable instrument approach charts. Of course, it's also possible that the opposite will happen. If you find something that is amiss, take the time to call the appropriate flight service station or flight standards district office and pass it on. They are shipped via US Priority Mail day service. This includes most operational information:

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As technology has improved, several vendors have started to offer some or all of the information from these guides in electronic form see links below.

While all of our folded charts low altitude, sectionals, terminal area, etc. With any of the charts dircetory you can order any combination of the following: Chip Wright is a 5,hour airline transport pilot and a regional jet captain for Comair.

Airport/Facility Directory gets new name - AOPA

directoory If you find something that is amiss, take the time to call the appropriate flight service station or flight standards district office and pass it on. This beacon is not monitored by the FAA for continuous operation during the hours shown.

We were out practicing night landings, headed for Cambridge, Maryland. S2 Terms of Use. After you click on "Buy Sub. Meet the pilot's portable library By Chip Wright It's the little green book. It will be automatically sent immediately after the release and you will not be charged until it ships.

If you are planning to fly a long trip that will airpogt you near or into a large Class B airspace, you might want to call ahead to find out if there are any preferred methods of transiting in such a way that will save you some time and reduce controller workload. An example of this is the Middletown Summit Airport in Delaware see below.

Apparel - Pilot Shirts. In times air;ort rapid change, like the now-you-see-them-now-you-don't temporary flight restrictions of the post-September 11,environment, updates and changes may not come as quickly as you want or need them.

digital - Airport/Facility Directory

The associated Flight Service Station is Jonesboro, with the telephone number and "Notices facllity Airmen" file code noted. Information is provided on public-use and joint-use airports, heliportsand seaplane bases.

It was only later I found out that at Cambridge the pilot-controlled lighting is controlled by a separate frequency Direcyory one is a great source of information for a specific geographic area, which is depicted on the front cover by a map of the states covered in the book. Each sectional has an index on the front flap with the symbols and a brief description of what they mean. Order a single copy of a current directory or all directories. Not all of the airport listings include diagrams, and some of the smaller diagrams can be difficult to use.

United States Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD) | iFlightPlanner

It would be a rude surprise to find that the NDB or VOR you wanted to use on a long cross-country was either out of service for an extended period of time or just no longer there. For instance, in the April 18,publication of the Northeast edition, users of the Washington sectional were told to eliminate the Melfa NDB, add in its place the Accomack NDB, and make note of a vaa change.

The book is designed to contain information facilitty simply cannot be put on the charts. For example, if an airport has recently opened or closed a new runway or taxiway, the event may have occurred between the release dates of aeronautical charts, meaning that it isn't on a chart.

Associated navigational installations are the Gilmore low-altitude VOR on This includes most operational information: There is no control tower ; the common communications frequency is But there are some significant differences.

There is medium intensity runway lighting. He is a flight instructor with instrument and multiengine ratings. They are shipped via US Priority Mail day service. It isn't unusual for a VOR to have some unusable radials, or radials that are not usable below a certain altitude. This is almost never done because it is such tedious work, but the information is there for you. We will automatically send new directories as they are released.

That information is subject to some pretty wild fluctuations, especially aigport the summer, but it's a place to start.

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