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Enjoy all of these exciting features on your own by competing against the CPU or challenge your friends in a multiplayer format. Views Read Edit View history. The numbers are great, particularly for a PSP title, with it featuring some cars, 35 tracks and 60 track variations meaning forward and reverse on most of the tracks , and all while running at 60fps. How many people are going to invest hundreds of hours for a career mode on a portable?

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The game uses a new trading system to allow players to acquire cars. Retrieved January 10, Most relevant reviews See all 47 reviews. Views Read Pars View history. Buckle up turiemo you prove your driving skills on 35 tracks and trade and share over cars.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 73 Critics What's this? Polyphony Digital did an amazing job on the technical side of this game, but the glaring omission of a real career and the lack of car upgrades sinks what could have been a great title.

A-Spec - both which initially debuted in Gran Turismo 2 with some differences. There is no damage model in the game.

Let me start out by saying that I am a great fan of the Gran Turismo series. For me this game is amazing! The best four-wheeled satisfaction you'll ever get from a gfan.

The single player menu presents players with three variables: Retrieved June 2, God of War Sony PlayStation 4, A-Spec 4 5 6 Sport. Originally titled Gran Turismo 4 Mobile[14] [15] the game was initially to have a release date sometime in April — [16] however, it was notably absent from the Tokyo Game Show [17] and then from E3turimso year after it was first announced.

It's almost like they realised GT5 wasn't going to ship before Christmas so someone dusted off the half finished proof of concept demo that had been abandoned and spent a couple of months giving it a new coat of paint before shoving it out into daylight with very little warning as if to say 'Look what we were making instead'.

However, Polyphony Digital has not only delivered on their promise to make a great portable Gran Turismo, they have created the best portable racer this generation.

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All this publication's reviews Read full review. The numbers are great, particularly for a PSP title, with it featuring some cars, 35 tracks and 60 track variations meaning pwra and reverse on most of the turismmoand all while running at 60fps. You still have the "Challenge" section where they let you learn how to handle different corners and situations. The game is just amazing. The game was a commercial success. Expand Your Collection - Trade and share cars with friends to expand your collection via Ad Hoc wireless.

Log in to finish rating Gran Turismo. And then eventually, after lots of hard work, you'll get a car that can crack the mph barrier and you'll feel like you've accomplished something great.

Friendly Competition — Using Ad Hoc wireless mode, pick a car and track and challenge friends to heated 4-player races, and enjoy Party and Shuffle Race modes where the game adjusts start times or car line-up at the beginning of each race to keep competition close between players of different skill levels.

Gran Turismo (Sony PSP, 2009)

I tried to love it. There are five additional cars, but no tracks are currently available through Downloadable content. Archived from the original on August 29, In many cases, were you to slam on the gas in any of the pp releases, you'd get a taste ;ara excessive amounts of wheel spin and fishtailing, while slamming your foot or finger, as it were down on the brakes at the wrong time could give you similar results.

Retrieved August 19, Not as extensive as the PS2 version, but what do expect, you can put this one in your pocket and play it anywhere! In this special apra version of the critically acclaimed racing series, there are more than vehicles featured as part of gameplay.

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