Barracuda outlook 2010 plugin

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If you are also deploying the bit MSI for machines with both bit Windows and bit Outlook, then both software deployment policies will apply to the machines with bit Outlook, which will result in both MSIs being installed on these machines. Copy the link below for further reference. One is obviously for the Outlook plugin.

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We don't have per user spam or quarantine settings so I outolok I could enable 'Disable Whitelisting,' but what do the other items mean?? Supported languages for the add-in include:.

Also tagged with one 20100 more of these keywords: If you are running version 6. This is pluyin permanent link to this article. Did you find this page helpful?

If the Outlook Reading Panel is barravuda, the Barracuda Essentials icon may be grayed out when you select a message. To use the encryption features of the outlook addin does not require a user account on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway.

Don't have an account? This guide applies to the Barracuda Spam Firewall and above, version 6. However, it is up to each user to make sure the items they classify from the add-in are really considered spam or not spam as it will affect the scoring of future messages coming onto the system for them.

Installing and Configuring Barracuda Archive Search for Outlook

This procedure applies to domain controllers running Windows Server or higher; to edit local policy or domain policies on a domain controller running Windows Server or earlier, consult Microsoft's documentation. You can now take actions on the message. Disabling whitelisting means that the outlook addin will not auto-whitelist address the user sends mail to.

Once the probe is received, the user is authenticated, and all of the add-in features are available for use. Hiding the outlook options page addin config page prevents users from changing the settings you configured. This article applies to the Barracuda Spam Firewall running version 6. Share this page with your network.

Barracuda Outlook Add-In Overview 6 and Above | Barracuda Campus

This barraacuda applies to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway and higher, version barracuva. If you forget your password or are unable to access Archive Search for Outlookcontact your system administrator. The Barracuda Outlook Add-in is compatible with:. Since Outlook will only load the Add-In that matches its bitness, this should not cause any problems. Archive Search for Outlook supports Outlook versions,barrqcuda Users can mark messages as Spam or Not Spam using icons in baarracuda mail client.

The most current docs mention an 8. I'm first testing it in my local Outlookthen deploying to four XenApp servers from which all staff with email use Outlook If you are running version 6. If any of the machines in your environment have a bit version of Windows installed but are using a bit version of Outlook, you will need to deploy the bit MSI to these machines. Several functions may not work.

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Store synchronization occurs when either the user clicks the Sync Archive Stores icon, after nightly synchronization jobs are complete, or shortly after Outlook is started. Microsoft Outlook and Outlookand bit and bit versions.

Users will then be able to download and install the add-in from a link on the login screen. Configure any policies as needed.

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