Bollywood award shows

By | 11.01.2019

Sure, there are veiled whispers of rigging, favouritism, etc. Today, six decades [and a zillion Award functions later] this whole thing appears to have been reduced to a populist, glamour-driven farce catering to the lowest common denominator. They create categories to fit in as many stars possible". According to few experts, movies are an unpredictable proposition. Production is mostly done by event companies:

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Friday 12 OctoberTumbbad Movie Review: Actor Irrfan Khan agrees and adds his bit, "As far as India is concerned no award creates any market value for you.

Bollywood award shows? Lack credibility, focus and transparency

Bollywood Award shows are the new glam, entertaining and lucrative time pass in B-town! Jan 25, at The red carpet is another big avenue. Advertisers have already booked their slots on the exposure charts around these events while the channels are gearing up to make the most of it.

While the channels do charge a premium for these shows, it is not that they always handle the sales for the film nights. Ajay Devgun - the xward, intense and hugely underrated talent - has gone down on record stating "Awards seem to have become a business, dhanda ho gaya.

In-depth: The business of Bollywood award shows

Akshay Kumar was approached by a few organizers of an award show and they asked him for a discounted fee for a performance since they were giving him an award that night. However, till last year, Sony was selling the ad slots.

We'd like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates. Animal Welfare Week Here are a few trends at Bollywood award shows that seriously need to be reconsidered. February 10,4: Did I just forget to mention that each and every award show hands out the same award for the same criteria and if not all, some to the same people too. Those good old days of live telecasts and simplicity, where art thou?

I would rather with claps of the public any day". Love what we do?

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Life sucks, we know. Most Oscar-nominated actors climb up the pay-check and esteem ladder too and even smaller movies profit. In-depth The business of Bollywood award shows. Wednesday 17 OctoberWatch: These award shows will be in the league of an average movie premiere in terms of viewership. The rates are comparable to an average movie premiere, while something like a Dangal may have been about three to four times more expensive that the regular rates.

Also, if the sales has to be handed by showx channels, the property gets camouflaged between a longer and ahows deal.

However, apart from Aamir, at least one big star has had the guts to categorically veto the whole concept of today's Awards. Zee Cine Awards has exposure across the country because it is our own property and we aggressively promote it across genres. How can we trust the choices being made?

But we still care bollywoodd watch these shows anyway.

Ajay however ranks the National Awards high but points that there too "sometimes showd makes an appearance". With Cannes or Oscars its different. Although, there will always be catchy nominations from a long list of people they might want to please, or those the organizers want to thank for some previous gesture or just utilise the nomination-card to convince the celebrities to actually attend the show.

It gives you that extravagant hsows of identity over a period of time and this is useful for the channel.

Recently, the 61st Annual Filmfare Awards were held in Mumbai amidst much fanfare. Skimpy models dancing, shameless advertising, buying awards and paying the biggies just to show up for the popularity they bring along; what have our award shows come to?

Deeply disturbed and let down by Filmfare, we decided to honour the best of ourselves.

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