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Default Do not uninstall. There are two subdirectories. This IP address is used only internally for secure encapsulated communication with the home network, and therefore is not visible in the public network. Cancel Prevents the user from proceeding with the portal login, and closes the current browser window.

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This will prevent the certificate from being cached on disk. Create a folder with the desired language name.

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If you change languages, while connected to the SSL Network Extender portal, you will be informed that if you continue the process sxtender will be disconnected, and must reconnect.

The File to Import window appears: Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

To set Uninstall on Disconnect: Open a browser on any computer or server. The settings of the adapter and the service must not be changed. Enter the user's name, and click Initiate to receive a Registration Key, and send it to the user.

Check Point SSL Network Extender Help

User cannot access the given URL for his specific group. Client associated with specific gateway The server certificate of the gateway is authenticated. VeriSign Certificate Message Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box. The Import Successful window appears: Guaranteed by the combination of authentication, confidentiality and data integrity for every connection.

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Certificate Import Wizard window exender. A supported Windows or Mac operating system. Check Point uses ActiveX controls in its applications, and you must download the specific ActiveX components required for each application.

Once the user has confirmed the ESOD server, checkpoing automatic software scan takes place on the client's machine. For troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshooting. You may work with the client as long as the SSL Network Extender Connection window, shown below, remains open, or minimized to the System tray. If patches was applied to the VPN server to address the Java issue and the client is still unable to connect, try forcing a re- download of the SNX client: Allow ActiveX or Java Applet.

The client certificate will be automatically used by the browser, when connecting to an SSL Network Extender gateway.

The Certificates window is displayed: It is strongly recommended that you remove the certificate from a browser that is not yours. The Shell archive package is downloaded to the users home directory. This is only optional, and will be used when no group is given. Select VPN in the objects tree on the left hand side. To Download the Client: Checkpoinh Security Gateway Cluster Properties window is displayed. The following sections contain tips on how to resolve issues that you may encounter when using SSL Network Extender.

Removing an Imported Certificate If you imported a certificate to the browser, it will remain in storage until you manually remove it. Disabling a Skin Enter the specific skin subdirectory, under custom, that is to be disabled and create a file named networo. Before running the installation script, make sure execute permissions are available on the file.

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