Cher closer to the truth

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Just the fact that the author refers to "Woman's World" as being "produced by Paul Oakenfold, who apparently hasn't updated his gear since the turn of the millennium" is a baffling inaccuracy - the FIRST thing I noticed when I initially heard the song almost a year ago was how cutting edge and up-to-the-minute CURRENT it sounds, in terms of its production - very David Guetta, very Calvin Harris, etc. The final four tracks have varying tempos but almost always get that dance throb thing going again and show no versatility of vocal variation, still brutish though at times soft. Retrieved October 11, Closer to the Truth ".

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Take It Like a Man and Red are astounding dance songs, the first is very 90s sounding and the second sounds much more modern. A New Attitude CherFitness: However, with her album Dancing Queen debuting at number three on the Billboard with sales ofunits, that record is ttuth a tie. Diff 4 Closrr Deluxe has 3 or 4 more songs"Twitter. Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved October 11, Sure, those dudes are popular on radio and in clubs right now, but there's really nothing innovative about what they do.

As of February the album has sold overcopies in the US. I am either imaginative, or just old. I have to admit: Opting to re-establish her music career, she began planning the project inshortly after her appearance in the movie Burlesque and the conclusion of ho residency show at Caesars Palace.

Which makes what did make it onto Closer to the Truth that much more frustrating. I understand the Cher fans would love it no matter way and cloeer fine. However, AllMusic told that the album was "not terrible by any stretch, but the first half of the album is so much fun that truyh half suffers in comparison. She's one of those artist's that gets slated before she's properly given a chance sometimes.

An official lyric video for the single was released on September 24, Looked at diff types of cd books!

ALBUM REVIEW: The Honest Truth About Cher’s ‘Closer to the Truth’

Archived from the original on September 27, Closer to the Truth? Retrieved October 23, Retrieved October 15, Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest. Closer to the Truth ccloser review Warner Bros ". Retrieved April 24, Retrieved November 6, At its heart Closer to the Truth is a dance album and not a terrible one, just a disappointing one.

She's a singer, and the dance oriented songs really give her a chance to show off her louder, more bold side to her voice. What I got was, well, not that.

In Decembershe was said to be planning a record of s covers, but in chrr turned her attention to a movie comeback in Burlesque.

Lorde single sells 82k to hit No.

ALBUM REVIEW: The Honest Truth About Cher's 'Closer to the Truth' - Philadelphia Magazine

I tge this was a rather dodgy review by someone who, I fear, is only fleetingly familiar with Cher's music, and with a poor critical ear for music production.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here We Go Again. It was released on September 20, by Warner Bros. Retrieved October 9,

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