Dell openmanage server administrator 6.3

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However, since the official Nagios plugins package and others, e. The Git repository is also available on Gitweb. You can easily do both, e. Thanks to Peter Jestico for a patch.

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Minor feature enhancements The -s --snmp option was redundant and no longer does anything. You can use the option swrver to specify what type of component is desired.

If the plugin doesn't find a storage controller, it will give an alert. Patch from Oskar Liljeblad.

Dell Openmanage Server Administrator version : Security vulnerabilities

If, for the machine above, we wanted the warning threshold to be 45 degrees instead of 43 degrees the defaultwe would say:. If you are running Nagios 2. You'll need a host definition for each of the servers.

You probably already have this in place, but for the sake of completeness it is included in this mini-howto: If this option is used together with either the -e --extinfo as in the example above or -i --info options, it is particularly useful. Get the controller number right when reporting issues with the controller cache battery Various minor tweaks and bugfixes in the PNP4Nagios template.

You can work around this by using the --omreport option, like this: Report the system revision if applicable wherever the model name is printed. Option --htmlinfo now has a shorter equivalent -I The option --short-state now has a shorter equivalent -S 3. The default timeout is 30 seconds, you may change this with the -t or --timeout parameter.

You can also mix "check files" and actual arguments: SNMP is not installed, or not available to the perl interpreter. If you're using the. Older versions may work, but no guarantees.


For information about these, look here: Here is the list:. OMSA, especially old versions, are known to have bugs that cause the occasional hiccup.

Depending on the time of day etc. This is considered best practice for Nagios plugins. Major feature enhancements Major overhaul of the perfdata code. Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes bugfix Fixed a regression regarding un-certified physical disks in "Ready" state e.


Allow invalid command error from 'omreport chassis pwrmonitoring' Various small fixes. That wasn't a question either. The argument is cumulative. This should give a small speedup in certain configurations Fixed typo in output when a logical drive is rebuilding. In the above example, we turn off checking of the storage subsystem, and adds checking of the ESM log content. See the paragraph about local check on windows. SNMP version 2c if the option is not present.

Blacklisting means that the particular component is never checked.

Minor bugfixes A regression wrt. The plugin timeout can be configured with the timeout keyword. For boolean values, "1", "on" and "true" are equivalent, likewise for "0", "off" and "false". Be aware that NRPE has it's own timeout, also adjustable.

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