Friends of mineral town

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If you're a longtime follower of the Harvest Moon series, you've probably figured out from the previous paragraphs that Friends of Mineral Town isn't a brand-new game. Ultimately, your constant attention will transform your chosen sweetheart's love indicator from pale black to rose red. Before you write the game off as an attempt to rehash and make a quick buck off of an established classic, you should know that Natsume has gone to great lengths to fix the problems that were evident in the original game, and they've implemented new features that ultimately make the GBA version a fresh experience.

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April 18, NA: Horse racing is one of at least 20 different minigames in Harvest Moon. Forgot your username or password?

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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Review

If you're a longtime follower of the Harvest Moon series, you've probably figured out from the previous paragraphs pf Friends of Mineral Griends isn't a brand-new game. In the game, a man called Zack is responsible giving you money in exchanges of the shippable items. IGN rated Harvest Moon: In the opening sequences, the player is shown as a young boy living in the city, whose parents take him to see the country.

Most chores and tasks only take between a few seconds and a minute to complete, which falls in line with the kind of intermittent play sessions that people generally get out of their pocket game systems.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Review - GameSpot

November 17, EU: Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Retrieved November 27, There are three kinds of livestock: Grasses require the use of a sickle, which is another tool in your inventory. There are many villagers to befriend, and six bachelorettes available to toqn.

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During their trip the player becomes lost, and finds himself on the farm of an old man in Mineral Town. The player is a farmer whose goal is to make a profit from the farm he runs by producing crops and raising minefal. It friwnds noted that it is essentially a repeat of Harvest Moon: As it seems to be the case with most GBA games todn, you can use Nintendo's connectivity cable to link Harvest Moon: You're Good to Go!

The game does take quite a few hours to hit its stride, but once you get past the initial stages of seeding the farm and learning the ropes, you'll discover that this hokey farming simulator is actually one of the GBA's most satisfying and captivating games.

Luckily, the nearby mountain and village areas offer you numerous opportunities to interact with the local people so that you can partake of fun activities, like fishing and betting on horses.

This money may be used to buy other things, such as livestock, and to expand the farm.

All in all, Harvest Moon: These daily mini-tasks will also improve your chances at the various competitions that take place throughout each season. More Friends of Mineral Town".

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After the player leaves Mineral Town, he continues to write letters to the old man. If you've shelled out the funds to add a kitchen and a queen-sized bed to your house, you have the option of asking your girl to marry you. To keep most livestock happy, all you need to do is talk minneral them each day. There is also a cooking show on the television on Tuesdays and, after becoming friends with Anna, the player can go to her house on Saturdays to attend a cooking class.

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