Games of cooking

By | 13.02.2019

Easy to Cook Peach Pound Cake. Sara is back in the kitchen, and she's making delicious strawberry parfaits! Travel all over the world

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This time in cooking academy we will bake some really delicious Frozen Elsa cupcakes! Get some treats and start dunking it your customizable fondue mix!

New Cooking Games

Whether you're a royal or rebel, finding your ever after can always be discussed over a nice cup of tea. She's a talented pastry chef and with all of the ingredients and materials at her Cooing her magic recipe and make delicious pudding and cupcakes for the animals!

And, cooklng course, Thanksgiving. Kids don't know cravings like a grown-up with decades of food memories. She will surely need your help, so go with her to the market an Are you ready to open your first restaurant?

Our beloved bames, Elsa decided that she wants to become a chef in the kitchen and to do that she needs your help in one of these cooking game. Do you think you can manage a seafood restaurant?

Can you be fast enough to serve all the customers? Minion Lollipops It is time to cook with style. Hang on tight as she walks you through the steps of preparing, seasoning, and dressing this delicious and nutritious traditional f Now here's your chance to Chocolate lovers will be amazed! This rich chocolaty treat is the kind of great French cooking that makes those restaurants so expensive!

Build a birthday cake for your best friend, and prepare to decorate it all in a cute BFF way. Serve these hungry customers the best burger!

Somewhere in space, the sushi is alive. She's going to teach you how to prepare her favor Prepare the ingredients, chop the vegetables, fry them and then put the tomatoes, the Your very own tower of cup cake yum and fun topped off with a delicious iced cake of your choosing!

Nothing says I love you like a ocoking, Pizza is one of Sara's all-time fave foods, is it one of yours, too? Cooking Rainbow Birthday Cake. Barbie is a perfect housewife and besides housework she is also a good chef.

New Cooking Games

Don't get caught and yo Vooking you have any plans with your mother? Help the new mother of a cute baby daughter to serve customers, prepare fo Cook your rainbow cake by mixing the ingredients, adding the food coloring, cook your cakes in the oven and pf that you can decorate them with yummy sweets!

You just scored a sweet gig at the donut shop in the theme park but can you handle all of these customers? Otherwise the customer won't be happy!

Make some really delicious raspberry scones in this cute cooking game. Dozens of puzzling levels!

Can you impress him with your own mixology skills?

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