Adobe flash cs5 tutorial

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Use the Selection tool to adjust the tweened animation's motion path; rather than a straight line the edited motion guide line is now curved. Keyframes are used to place ActionScript and assets on specific frames in the Timeline. Using Adobe ActionScript a scripting language you create functions to specify how the objects in the application behave. Once it's selected, right-click on it and choose Insert Keyframe.

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By default, the Property inspector is vertically aligned along the right side of the workspace. In this case, the event handler function instructs Flash Player to return to Frame 1 and start playing the Timeline again.

Flash Potential - Free Flash Tutorials for Beginners

Make sure that no other frames are highlighted except for frame 40 of layer 4. Be very careful to always select the object on the Stage first. The Property inspector displays the Stage size ds5 the background color. Take a few tutkrial to read through the code. Use the stroke color swatch in the Property inspector to select the No Color option red diagonal stripe from the Stroke Color Picker see Figure 6.

In general, individual projects created with Flash Professional are called applications or SWF applicationseven though they might only contain basic animation. Everytime you add motion tween to a layer, the number of frames added in the timeline will play adobw animation for 1 second.

The translation of this code essentially says: He explains everything extremely well.

Drag it tuforial bend the line shape see Figure This is known as adding a frame script. Name your button MyButton and click OK. But unlike buttons, movie clips are capable of much more than mouse-related interactivity. ActionScript code allows you to add interactivity to the elements in your document. Merge drawing mode and Object drawing mode. Enter the name of the symbol in the Name field. The SWF format is extremely well suited for delivery over the web because SWF files are very small and take little time to download.

While editing a FLA file in the Flash authoring environment, you'll notice that the user interface is divided into five main parts: That way, we'll still end up with a different animation where the circle is moving in a different direction.

Although you don't upload or distribute arobe FLA file itself, you'll always want to keep a copy of the master vs5. If you're drawing your circle and you see only an outline of the shape instead of a adobd color, first check to ensure that the stroke and fill options are set correctly in the Property inspector while the circle is selected.

Convert your circle into a button symbol by selecting Button as the symbol type. One thing to check: On the timeline layer 4right-click anywhere between frames 1 and 40 and choose Create Shape Tween.

Additionally, Flash allows you to select graphic elements tutorlal convert them to symbols —making them easier to reuse and further improving performance when SWF files are viewed online.

As you become more familiar with Flash Professional, you'll use symbols to structure applications and interactivity using multiple timelines.

Drawing shapes is a common task in Flash.

Flash Potential

To learn more about the two drawing mode options, see the Drawing modes section of the Flash Professional online documentation. What people are saying "For an absolute beginner, the details and instructions were easy to follow.

Make sure you are on frame 1 of this fourth layer by clicking on the blank keyframe on frame 1. Use the workspace drop-down menu located on the upper right of the screen to select the Essentials workspace layout option see Figure 3.

F5 key adds blank keyframes having the same content as of the first layer of the respective layer. The Create Motion Tween operation automatically extends the frames in the Timeline and places the playhead on Frame

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