Angel after the fall

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Leaving Gunn with an Angel Investigations card, Angel walks off into the night, once more looking to help the helpless. But when Chaos reigns - will Spike make a better Angel than Angel? Gunn has Betta George attacked by slayers, and eventually, a desperate George uses his ability to mentally freeze them. Connor and Spike confront Gwen on her betrayal. On March 11, , it was announced that there would be a 4 issue spin-off titled Spike:

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Well, they were dead wrong. All new stories by fan-favorite creators from throughout IDW's run! Season 6is a comic book published by IDW Publishing. On the final page, Angel's inner monologue reveals his wounds are mortal, and he is no longer a vampire.

Retrieved December 26, After taking a beating from Spike, Non uses the last human hostage that the gang saved to gain some energy back. With prophecies practically falling from the sky, Connor and Angel must figure out how to work together without getting back into bad habits.

Angel: After the Fall #4

Angel is attacked by Illyria, and gravely wounded. In addition to this, After the Fall has also spawned multiple spin-offs of its own. The second segment displays Connor's internal conflict as he considers rejoining the fight, and is then inevitably drawn into it.

Two demons arrive and beckon Angel to follow them, while outside, Gunn prepares for an attack on the building. After the Fall was followed by a five-issue storyarc titled Aftermath starting in 18; two weeks after the finale of "After the Fall", the storyarc will focus on the characters dealing with the events of aftfr Archived from the original on November 23, Gunn, on the streets, encounters Illyria and through feigning sadness and remorse, triggers her transformation into Fred, before he surreptitiously shoots her in the chest.

Wesley arrives and confronts Gunn with information from the Senior Partners: Angel quickly adapts to his new situation, only to discover that Wolfram and Hart and James are the least of his worries, as someone unexpected decides it's time to stop playing nice.

Angel: After the Fall #7

She lashes out at and kills Groosalugg and many of the Spikettes. Limited series 1—17 Spin-off ongoing series 18— She throws Fred in front of the truck, and Fred wngel to Illyria on impact.

Illyria breaks free and starts killing all the female demons.

The Deeper Well - something about the name fills everyone with dread, even Illyria. The issue opens with Spike meeting the dragon: Non, the head of the female demons, attempts to bargain with a Gunn to return Spike to him. This issue sees the return of Drusilla to the Angelverse. Ever wonder just how powerful Illyria is when she doesn't have to worry about Angel or Spike or Wesley whispering sweet restraint in her ear? Retrieved August 1, Th death causes the Senior Partners to reverse time to the moment before Los Angeles is sent into Hell, with everyone retaining memories of their time in Hell.

Archived from the original on August 23, Trading quips along with punches, Spike and Eddie Hope agnel a last desperate effort to save Los Angeles and stop some hostile demons from setting up shop with their adter Hellmouths. The Angel-verse is always a little bit strange.

Angel: After the Fall Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology

Archived from the original on December 8, Angel's allies consider their options with Spike being the most vocal about his desire to depart. Brian Lynch later announced a second, this-time-ongoing Spike spin-off from the Angel: Spike asks Angel for help concerning Illyria afer, as Wesley is returned from Hell and joins his companions.

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