Building code of australia 2012

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It does not prevent the use of electricity because the greenhouse gas intensity is related to the thermal load rather than the energy consumption which is covered by P2. House energy rating software means software accredited under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and is limited to assessing the potential thermal efficiency of the dwelling envelope. Where this is done by hand, a timber starter block is normally used.

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Generally all gable roofs and long hipped roofs require bracing in the roof plane. Rafter, valley creeper 9. Parapet flashing Diagram b.

Building Code of Australia - Western Australia

Class 1 and class 10 buildings. Locations used in this table are based on the nearest Bureau of Meteorology grid cell latitude and longitude to the central Post Office of each city or town, with the exception of Tom Price in WA, which uses the Police Station.

Content contained herein should be attributed as: Pad footing sizes must also apply to footings supporting roof and floor loads only. Loose rust, however, must be removed from the reinforcement.

Cut edges on framing components do not constitute a corrosion problem, as the surface area of the metallic coating on either side of the cut edge is far greater than the surface area of the cut edge itself. Where an alternative stairway or ramp system is proposed as a Performance Solution to that described in Part 3.

Tapered treads — not more than 1 m wide Diagram c. Long runs of external walling may have to be temporarily braced, until the roof members have been fixed. The minimum length of a landing allows people using a stairway or ramp to rest, and reduces the risk of people falling more than one flight of stairs. Certificate of Accreditation means a certificate issued by a State or Australai accreditation authority stating that the properties and performance of a building material or method of construction or design fulfil specific requirements of the Housing Provisions.

Advanced search Search history. Where hole cutting or cutting of members is reguired, cutting methods that clearly shear or leave clean edges are preferred over those that leave burred edges or swarf.

| Australian Building Codes Board

The diagrams in this Part reflect acceptable footing designs only. Method for determining proportional combination of windows and roof lights. The content of V2. Less than mm d. Perimeter of buildingfor the purposes of Part 3.

Laundries auztralia WCs Water resistant floor of the room. V is the internal volume of the boiler or pressure vessel being vented up to the connection of the flue.

Cite this Email this Add to favourites Print this page. The effect of excavation on a cut and fill site.

National Construction Code series / Australian Building Codes Board | National Library of Australia

Resistance to the incipient spread of fire refers to the ability of a ceiling to prevent the spread of fire and thermally insulate the space between the ceiling and the roof or floor above.

For this to occur, the appropriate people need to be consulted.

Some types of reflective insulation may also serve the purposes of waterproofing or vapour proofing. The effective height of a building in these instances is therefore only related to finished ground level under the BCA. Use SL62 when slab length is less than 18 m. This is without regulatory force and is intended as an information service primarily for building professionals to clarify, illustrate and give examples for Vol.

Building Code of Australia (BCA)

Lamp refers to the globe or globes that are to be installed in a permanently wired light fitting. Buildint is a non-mandatory guide on how to use Section 3 of the Housing Provisions.

These provisions relate to installing systems to weatherproof roofs, walls and wall openings. This is typically the case for sloping sites where cut and fill procedures are used.

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