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Evilmetal Follow Forum Posts: This topic is locked from further discussion. It's just not my thing. Gears1 was pretty good, just not good enough for me to get a whole console for. AiurProtoss Follow Forum Posts:

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waf This was demonstrated with the use of explosive arrows fired from the "Torque Bow" of the original game causing damage to wooden planks, and also revealing rebar present after destroying areas of a stone structure. If they put games ppc gears or hale on pc they lose the biggest exclusives on Bring back the main forum list.

I thought Gears 2 was boring and thoughtless. Gears of War Grows Up". The set-pieces in Gears 2 were amazing! Gears of War 2 was a focal point during Microsoft's E3 presentation on July 15,which included a "hands-on" demo.

Gears of War 2 - Wikipedia

But Alan Wake has good chances coming to PC. Still, none of that comes close to holding back Gears of War 2 from its destiny: Nega3 Follow Forum Posts: The Locust plan to destroy the rock structures at the outskirts of Jacinto, the last major Human city, in hopes of sinking it into the ground. Xbox also needs true exclusives and MS knows that.

Though MS is back to looking at PC as a proper gaming platform it seems. But the port did take some time to work on and was not 1: More ways to kill, more things to kill". Yep, Epic did state they were limiting PC releases due to piracy or I should say a representative of Epic. There is also an 'Insane' difficulty that is unlocked after the player completes the game at least once.

Is there any chance of this happening? The only benefit against that is buying games on Steam; which makes you feel like you're getting something for almost nothing with their ridiculous discounts.

But Remedy are small, so I'd hate it if it affected a sequel: Gears of War 2 and Fable 2".

Gears of War 2/3 on PC?

I remember Epic said they won't port Gears 2 over to the PC cause of poor sales of the original read: Probally not, cliffy b sure doesn't like how much pc gamers complained about the last game geare all the bugs and stuff.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Free DLC at launch". Cliffy, you crazy bastard.

It works pretty well. They manage to find her, but the Locust imprisonment and torture has left her severely disfigured and traumatized, unable to communicate. This add-on consisted of seven pcc multiplayer maps, and an additional campaign chapter that was originally deleted from the game.

The excuse for Alan Wake not comming on the PC was a comedy, though: It wasn't a definite NO but the chances of it happening are next to zero. So it's floating around, somewhere. Gears1 was pretty gear, just not good enough for me to get a whole console for.

Chubbaluphigous Follow Forum Posts: The first downloadable content released after Gears of War 2 was the "Combustible Map Pack," which consists of three new multiplayer maps. Probably not, but your not missing much.

The ability to take photographs is also featured, which enables the player to take a photo, which can be uploaded to the Gears of War website and is rated on the quality of action in the shot.

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