Diablo 2 unique items

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Not to mention the always-annoying knockback. More info can also be found here. Having this bow waiting for you at Clvl 33 makes all the 15 minutes sitting in a corner while your friend mows down the hell cows all worth it. All Unique Swords Normal, 1H:

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This means that some Uniques will have additional Defense or Damage and can only be used as long as they have Durability. On Attack On Attack means every time you swing. Which causes every player who has found a bunch of legit items and wants to trade them for other legit items to curse the fact that they must first find a way to turn their items into duped SoJs. Crafted items add to the confusion for new players in the Expansion. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Tiems mean look at the mods.

Other items ring, amulets, jewels, charms and runes work a bit different, see the above links for more information on them. All Unique Helms Normal: You're not logged in. This would be a great elite crossbow. All Unique Boots Normal: There is a unique for every type of item in the game this was not the case until v1.

Upgrading Uniques [ edit edit source ] It is possible to upgrade Uniques in some cases. Sticking bonus charges of the most annoying skill in the entire game on a hat is a sure way to plunge in the ratings.

Flux’s Decahedron # The Best/Worst Uniques in Diablo II - infographics.space

Plus it makes pretty explosions when you fire normal arrows with it. List of all Uniques Contents.

My last MF Barb had an Ethereal Meat Scraper on his Might merc, and with a damage lightning jewel in it, he disblo about the bestest MF assistant ever, since he could kill off anything but an LIPI, and could even kill that, if I whittled it all the way down and waited for the Open Wounds to work. Reproduction of content from this site on another server is not allowed.

All Unique items have Level Requirements. Replenish Life Increases your Life regenerating ability. Here is a list of 1. By keeping the max TC of the monster your slay as close to the TC of your desired item, you can exclude unwanted items from even having a chance of dropping and there for increase your chance of getting the item you want.

Diablo content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard or its licensors. It is affected by physical resistance, and Crushing Blow items stack. All Unique Bows Normal: There are even a couple of excellent set gloves, which is not something you can say about too many item types.

Flux’s Decahedron #10: The Best/Worst Uniques in Diablo II

There is some variability in their stats allowed of the base item, as with all base items in Diablo II. These Runewords can only be created by B.

All Unique Scepters Normal: However, there are classes of equipment that actually have two Unique items of the same type! All Unique Javelins Elite: Is there a way to maximize my chances of finding a specific item if I'm absolutely determined to farm until it drops?

However they are random, both in name and modifiers, and much more common than Uniques.

The Arreat Summit - Items: Unique Items: Basics

Someone must have missed a memo on that one. But I contented myself with the thought that I could mention this in the introduction, and then spend a paragraph talking about how crappy another weapon was. Uniques and Rares were often confused in the early days of Diablo II. Elite Unique items are somewhat sparse.

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