Homer simpson sounds

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Moe - If you're gettin' loaded off those fumes. Homer - Sings the Flintstones theme song K. Homer 20 File size 8kb My name is Mr Burns.

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Homer 28 File size 4kb Come on, I dare you. Homer 06 File size 6kb Homer mumbling. Homer 24 File size 5kb Homer laugh.

Wiggum - Could you shake out the last few drops for me? Grandpa - I've coughed up scarier stuff than that.

Homer Simpson Wav Sounds

Homer 09 File size 15kb You want the truth, you want the truth…. Homer 25 File size 7kb The human wang is soujds beautiful thing. Soldier - I'd rather take an order from Bill Clinton.

Homer 02 File size 3kb Scream. Burns - Do I have to grow a devil beard? All Trademarks are the property of the Fox Broadcasting Company. Homer 20 File size 8kb My name is Mr Burns. Homer 16 File size 3kb More mumbling. Homer 29 File size 9kb I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to go down.

Ralph - I can't sleep without my scouring pad. Bart - I can make her; just give me five minutes.

Homer - You're cut! Homer 34 File size 6kb Someone broke the toilet.

Homer 04 File size 5kb Ah crap. Marge became pregnant with Bart inwhile Homer was working at a miniature golf course.

The Best Homer Simpson Wav Sounds / Clips - infographics.space

All sound bytes remain the sole property of the Fox Broadcasting Company, and may not be reproduced or redistributed without their express permission. I couldn't be in more pain! Homer 17 File size 4kb Hello. Homer 40 File size 8kb Okay. Moe - If you're gettin' loaded off those fumes. Those few that are larger than K are indicated by the file size in parentheses following the description.

Apu - Homwr know the procedure for a robbery! Homer - Sings the Flintstones theme song K. These are offered here with my sincere thanks to the Fox Broadcasting Company. Homer 14 File size 8kb Chicken.

WavSource: Television: Simpsons: Homer, page 1 / Free Wav Files and Sound Clips

Homer reads the credits K. Homer 38 File size 6kb Do I dare live out the American dream. Soknds 15 File size 6kb To hell with this. Homer 01 File size 12kb Operator, give me the number for Homer - Everything looks bad if you remember it.

Nick - Did you feel your brain getting damaged? Homer 18 File size 8kb Beer.

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