Hyperwrt 2.1b1 thibor15c

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Open Amazon box and remove router. Give the router power and connect it to your computer via a wired connection I used port 1. Did I missed something?

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I can always downgrade to version 14 in the future if I want.

Kind of scary to completely ignore the directions but I didn't order this router to use the firmware that came with it. I have never tried to telnet 2.1b the box.

Apologies if I am being stupid and the reason is obvious, but I don't see it I cannot see in step 9a. My network is back up and working. Wireless - Basic Wireless Thibod15c I figured I would go with the latest version.

Thanks for the detailed steps, Kevin! Go to Administration - Firmware Upgrade.

WRT54GS, better FW than v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c availible?

I did that, and managed to get dd-wrt. Forget what I wrote. Since it is from the factory it seems like that wouldn't been necessary, but once again I figure better safe than sorry.

Do I have to upgrade the webui in order to have the access to Hyperwrt features?

firmware hyperwrt b1 thibor15c download

I am hyperwry expert in the matter, but I am wondering why it is not possible to configure the Motorola router to provide the QoS to the voice traffic over the internet traffic that it is also routing. Am I missing something?

If you want to experiment, DD-Wrt is a good choice. Just read the WiKi on the web link www-dd-wrt.

Ah, a blast from the past. That is the exact version I'm using. I have one although I have not configured it yet Once the upload is complete you should see: But anyway, I'm no longer interested in that for now.

v, Hyperwrt b1 + Thibor15c or DD-wrt.v23 SP1 - Linksys | DSLReports Forums

That will come later. Congrats to the Winners! Since it 1st came out I just never tyred DD-Wrt or even the stock firmware form linksys. Here is a good spot to start looking.

The DDWRT step always caused panic because the routers played dead until after quite a bit of efforts with the reset button. It is right under the 'Max Connections' option.

I decided to go with Thibor's HyperWRT because it is based on the original firmware and provided all the extra features I wanted. If you have PPPoE or something else then you will of course have to change this. I'm glad to hear that it is working for you.

Your browser is out of date.

Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending. The GL is a G version 4.

I did upgrade the firmware to Thibor

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